Welcome to my showcase!

As I mentioned on my biography, I’m a creative type. I love to paint, collage, design, decorate, write, illustrate, etc. The following galleries are meant to showcase my talents in my various creative interests. While not directly related to a blog, these activities are part of my identity. As such, I feel I would be amiss not to share them.

Painting the Moon - Pinner Mom - ADHD Blog

And as an effort to bring in some income towards traveling and saving for our own home, I am trading my skills. So if you see something you like, let me know!

Additionally, I have an account on Fiverr and I am usually selling stuff on ebay. If you love my work or love this blog, please consider supporting me! And thanks in advance.


My Painting Gallery
My Bullet Journal Gallery

(Note: In the future I am hoping to have bullet journal printables, children’s books, poetry samples, and the PERFECT ADHD planner app for sale here! But, you know how it is…)