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My name is Nicole, I’m 26, and I’m an ADHD homeschooling housewife and a Texan. I love creative arts, studying humanities (foreign languages, cultures, anthropology, archaeology, etc.), general fitness (I’m not crazy obsessed… most days…), traveling, and my family. I hate housekeeping, waking up early, and Texas-sized roaches.

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At the moment I’m writing this, I’ve been married for a little over 5 and a half years to another ADHDer whom I adore.

He is a hyperactive subset whereas I am inattentive, and we seriously get on each other’s nerves. But where opposites attract, we’re like glue and nothing but death will separate us. <3

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Together we have three daughters S, A, and K, ages 5, 3.5, and 2.5 respectively. (No, we are not trying for a boy. Thanks for asking!) S is hyperactive ADHD, A is inattentive ADHD, and K is a mystery to be revealed. It’s possible she might be “normal”, but what would we know about that?

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Being in a household full of ADHD individuals is a real challenge, but it’s also exciting. We have a greater incentive to work on understanding and communicating with one another, because our expectations and behavior patterns are so vastly different.

I homeschool all of our children, which was a decision made long before I was diagnosed with ADHD or realized my kids also have it. This is a HUGE challenge and we’re constantly tweaking the process, but I’m wholly committed to giving my kids the custom education I believe every child deserves. Additionally, I dream of traveling frequently and learning on the road with the sites and experiences right there.

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My ADHD diagnosis at age 25 came as a huge shock, but I was unbelievably relieved. I’d been struggling and striving and hating myself for years and I finally had a face and a name for my nemesis. There are times I seriously consider going through the process of getting a formal diagnosis and medicating, but while I’m not totally against medicating ADHD, our family is fairly committed to remaining unmedicated. Instead, we arm ourselves with knowledge, understanding, and advice from therapists, doctors, researchers, teachers, and other ADHD individuals who have made it their business to pour into the lives of people like us. (I’m not, however, on the ADHD elimination diet train. Or any elimination diet, for that matter. I’ve got lifetime tickets on the “homemade and balanced” diet train. And so far, we’re enjoying that.)

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I love ADHD. Or rather, I love ADHD people. We have a unique set of blueprints in our brains that sets us apart from the rest of the population. Sometimes we’re a little difficult to “deal with” (even for ourselves). But the way I see it, we’re like an incredible puzzle with amazing potential inside. Under the right circumstances, we can change the world. I’m committed to finding those circumstances, learning how to set myself up for success, and encouraging others to do the same. We’ve got one life to live and I believe in living it out to the fullest.

That philosophy comes from John 10:10 which states that “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but [Jesus] comes that you may have life, and have it to the full.” I have had to learn and relearn that God created me and He loves me, ADHD and all. And if He has marked me as “loveable”, then who am I to say I am not? If He sent His Son to extend to me the ultimate grace, then who am I to deny myself grace?

So in light of these truths, I’m devoted to laughing at myself, respecting my brain as it is, leaning into my interests and strengths, and granting myself whatever physical “crutches” I require to live successfully and wholly healthy. (In other words, if it hurts you physically, emotionally, or spiritually, then it’s not a “crutch” I’m willing to endorse. Those things are out.)

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If you want to know about me, the best way to do so is to read this blog. Please contact me, comment on relevant posts, ask me questions, make suggestions, share advice. I’d LOVE to connect with other ADHDers and their loved ones! And I sincerely hope that as you browse around this website, you are uplifted, energized, encouraged, and inspired.

With all the love in my heart,