This Week the Trend: Daily Adventures of an ADHD Mom #4

Interestingly enough, I’ve been too distracted to give my ADHD a whole lot of thought in the recent weeks. Between our bathroom project and taking on private studies, there isn’t much extra room in my brain to think about my brain.

All the same, here are some insights into my ADHD life. You can find the full series here.

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Out-takes: Excuse me, your ADHD is showing…

  • I’ve been working on the same new post for you guys for a month. Yep. A MONTH! And it’s not exceptionally long, either. I just can’t seem to get it done…
  • I walked into the laundry room to get toilet paper and then got distracted by the laundry. I remembered enough to know I wasn’t in there to do laundry, so I left… without the toilet paper. (That was unfortunate when I remembered on the toilet later…)

Trends: The constant pendulum swing from one set of priorities to another.

  • I still haven’t been working out much. The Texas heat is really killing my motivation. I can’t go for a run because the heat index is in the 100’s. It takes an hour to cool down my little “pole studio” enough for a work out and I just haven’t taken the time. I could probably do some yoga or something… but…
  • I recently decided to start studying college courses on my own. (The reasons behind it could go into an entire post by itself.) This semester is Intro to Linguistics and Intro to Anthropology. And I am in nerd heaven!
  • My focus has greatly shifted away from health and fitness and into homemaking and cooking. This area of focus usually ends in disappointment, exhaustion, and/or frustration. I’m aiming to just make the best of it this time around and set myself up for greater success when I phase out.
  • We have been doing informal homeschooling lessons this month. That is, I put the entire unit in a folder and let the kids pick and choose what they want to do for an hour or two. This has worked out great for the younger two, but the eldest does not thrive on or enjoy independent work. I am thinking on a solution for this.

Tweaks: Strategies I’m using to combat the obnoxious parts of my ADHD.

  • Since ADHD hasn’t really been on my radar, I haven’t been working on any solid strategies for combating it. My frustrations right now revolve around apathy. I’d like to read up on it and obtain some tools to combat it, but… I’m too apathetic.
  • I’ve started doing the dishes in short sessions rather than doing all of them at once or even a full load. I figure knowing I’m not bound to the sink will make it easier to start and I feel better having done a few rather than not having done any at all. As I chip away at it, I get more and more motivated to just do “a couple more”. This has been fairly effective in tackling my number one LEAST favorite chore.
  • My eldest has started to hate “doing school”. This a cue to me that I’m not playing to her personal strengths and interests in our homeschool. I think this is largely due to the way we’ve approached math (using workbook pages), so we are taking a break from math altogether and I am looking into other options for that subject. I am hoping that we can restore her excitement for formal learning as a whole by just shaking things up a bit.

What’s going on with your ADHD lately? Share below! And check out my new ADHD Pinterest board for a mix of laughs and good advice.

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