This Week the Trend: Daily Adventures of an ADHD Mom #3

In true ADHD fashion, it’s been a few weeks since the last “weekly” post. So I suppose it would be prudent to accept early on that this isn’t going to be true weekly post. All the same, I’ll keep the title and update the thread periodically. I still think it’s fun.

Here’s the most recent update from the ADHD battlefield! You can find the full series here.

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Out-takes: Excuse me, your ADHD is showing…

·         I went into the bathroom to get my phone to help my eldest with something for school. But then I forgot why I was in there and started cleaning the bathroom instead.

·         I ran into an open door frame… This happens all the time…

·         After being awake for only 45 minutes, I lost my phone.

·         I planned our entire upcoming camping trip as though we were a family of 4. We’ve been a family of 5 for almost 3 years.

·         I placed a plastic spoon on the table anticipating the need to stir my cocoa when it came out of the microwave. With 45 seconds left in the countdown, I got restless and cleaned off the table. Threw my spoon away.

·         I found 10 pounds of spoiled meat in the fridge…. Again… “I just got this!” “No, dear. That was TWO WEEKS AGO. Check the sell-by date.” Grrr!!! (This is one reason why meal planning and prepping food ahead is so important.)

·         After being awake for only 15 minutes, I lost my phone. I’m getting more proficient at this!

·         I stopped halfway through folding a shirt to waste 15 minutes on Google learning about what conditions will warrant a medical discharge from the military. I’m not even affiliated with the military; I’ve just been watching a lot of NCIS reruns on Netflix.

·         I stood next to the stove waiting for the timer to go off on my boiling pasta. I was being proactive, you see, because it only had a minute left on it and I didn’t want the pasta to overcook. I waited somewhat impatiently. The timer beeped. I turned it off. Left the pasta boiling on the stove and went back to my previous activity. We did NOT have spaghetti for dinner that night.

·         I carried around a handful of trash while I cleaned the rest of the room. Just forgot I was holding it, I guess…

·         Left the room I was cleaning to get the broom, but I stopped at my phone to make a note for myself. Then I was thirsty so I grabbed a drink. 20 minutes or so later, I remembered the broom and the room I’d been cleaning before.  

Trends: The constant pendulum swing from one set of priorities to another.

·         The recent weeks since my last entry, I’ve been focusing a lot on painting. I had three back-to-back orders on my Fiverr account and while I worked on them, I became painfully aware of my limitations as an artist, so I went on YouTube to find some tutorials. I followed some links until I ended up at a free online art class. Woohoo! It’s been about a week since my last order, though, so the urgency has worn off and I’m swinging back into blogging. I did learn a couple huge things, though, and that’ll give me something to think about while I’m “off”.

·         I haven’t been super focused on homeschool stuff, but I think that’s largely due to the fact that our current system is working pretty smoothly without much maintenance.

·         I’ve been slacking on working out regularly. It’s been too hot to go for runs during the daylight (thank you, Gulf Coast) and I’ve not been in the right mindset for Pole Fitness. After a 145-day streak, I randomly stopped caring about logging my food on MyFitnessPal. I skipped 11 days and now I’m back to it. (Stay tuned for a post on why I find it valuable.) 

·         I spent a weekend working on my bullet journal, but then neglected to use it. Not sure what the deal is with that. Maybe I just don’t have anything to put in it. The busy and yet uneventful life of a stay-at-home mom…

Tweaks: Strategies I’m using to combat the obnoxious parts of my ADHD.

·         This week I’m trying out a total acceptance strategy for my night-owl nature. I’m sure if I made it a totally public thing, I’d get a TON of flak for it, but I think it’s the best thing for me and my family. More on that later.

·         With the night-owl acceptance, I’ve designed a new scheduled routine for the household. I just scheduled the core stuff we need to do and gave us plenty of time to get through it. It’s only been a few days, but so far it’s running smoothly and effortlessly. It’s very natural for us. (Super short version: Up at 10:15am and to bed at 2:45am. Kids curfew is 9:45 and their official bedtime is 10:30 if they aren’t asleep already (but they usually are).)

·         The kids have started using the chore sticks with me. It’s working out really well so far! It’s only been a week or so, but they actually look forward to it. And I’m enjoying not doing all the chores by myself or having to assign them or convince the kids to volunteer.

That’s all I’ve got for this update. Stay tuned for another look into the crazy ADHD life I lead. Feel free to share your own outtakes, updates, and tweaks in the comments below, or send me an email!

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