Welcome back to another week’s glance into my ADHD life. When you’ve got ADHD and your kids have ADHD and your husband has ADHD, things are bound to get a little crazy. Hope you get a few laughs with (or at) me! Enjoy!

(If you missed last week’s post, check it out here! And click the image below to view the entire series of posts.)

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Out-takes: “Excuse me, you’re ADHD is showing…”

I got lost in thought and realized I was driving 15 mph over the speed limit. Oops.

While taking my shoes off, I got into a discussion with my kindergartner. When it was over, I stood up to walk away. That’s when it came to my attention I still had one shoe on.

I got up to get a drink. Got crackers instead. Who knows how long later, I was absolutely dying of thirst. Thank goodness for biological reminders to do important things like hydrate yourself…

I bought more paper bowls because my daughter and I looked everywhere and thought for sure we were out. Last week’s full stack was right there on the counter the whole time. Oh well! Now we have double!

I did a quarter of a load of dishes and then walked off for no reason… Didn’t really notice it until later. This happens sometimes… I hope I’m not the only one…

Ironically, I was listening to an ADHD podcast when it dawned on me that I actually wasn’t listening at all. I had to run it back a full 2 minutes to get to the last thing I remembered hearing.

I harvested some tomatoes and then left them outside for two days. They actually survived both birds and bugs! (They’ll probably rot on the counter though… I have a problem!)

I didn’t realize until I finished writing this that many of the same trends for this week were the same as last week. A perfect example of how ADHD individuals have little concept of time and trends.

Trends: The constant pendulum swing from one set of priorities to another.

This week was all about staying up too late and sleeping in too late. I’m seriously considering pulling an all-nighter in the hopes of getting back on track. (Sleeping problems are very common with ADHD people, even as children.)

I didn’t meal prep a single thing all week. Wait! No! I sliced up a pineapple and put it into 1 cup portions. So… there!

While getting in my workouts, this was still a rather sedentary week. In addition to being somewhat inactive, I also took to skipping meals and eating high-calorie junk in between. It’s an issue of chicken and egg I suppose, but my brain also had a hard time engaging in any tasks. This upcoming week will be better!

I’m all about camping right now, because we’ve got a camping trip coming up next weekend. Whoop!

We homeschooled only one day this week and that was Friday. I hadn’t schooled the children in 9 days. Ugh… and I was doing SO WELL with not skipping!

I have been very into my Spanish studies this week. I spent a lot of time reading, listening, and talking in Spanish this week. Despite falling in and out of total dedication to it, I’ve actually improved a ton since I started seriously studying in November.

I’m thinking about getting back to my bullet journal after taking 2 months off. I think I might be ready to reunite with it.

Tweaks: Strategies I’m using to combat the obnoxious parts of my ADHD.

I don’t think I made any conscious adjustments this week. This was more of the kind of week to take notes on for later. “Bad” weeks are great weeks for learning about what NOT to do and developing new ways to combat my ADHD and unrelated character flaws.

Grace. I gave myself grace this week. Because feeling guilty and beating yourself up never helped anyone to succeed. It wasn’t a great productive week, but there’s always the next one! One day, one week, one month at a time…

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