This Week the Trend: Daily Adventures of an ADHD Mom #1

This post and all of its namesakes to follow will be a chronicle of all the latest ways my ADHD has tripped me up this week and all of my latest attempts to combat it. It’s meant to be a mostly light-hearted and humorous way to expose the kinds of struggles I – and other ADHDers like myself (and also sleep-deprived moms) – deal with every single day. I hope you can relate to them and laugh, or at the very least, shake your head at me with a smile on your face knowing that at least you’re not as pathetic as I am. Either way, I hope it lifts your spirits!

I’m starting this little habit in honor of the line “this week the trend” which I stole from Relient K’s song also titled “This Week the Trend”. (Which, by the way, is a great song on a great album. You’re really missing out if you’ve never heard it. Takes me right back to freshman year of high school…. blissful sigh) The song isn’t exactly relevant, but I liked the underlying theme that the more things change, the more they stay the same. ADHD is an ever-moving, inescapable journey, in which change is both elusive and constant. I hope you enjoy these little insights into my crazy ADHD life!

This Week the Trend: Daily Adventures of an ADHD Mom

Out-takes: “Excuse me, you’re ADHD is showing…”

I got up from my bed to get my blanket out of the living room, but once I left the bedroom, I saw the fridge, grabbed some milk, and went right back to bed, where I sat down and realized… I’m still cold.

I opened up google to search for something but got distracted by the results from my last search and forgot what it was I needed to know. I still don’t remember.

I ordered a sandwich I know comes with onions, then I was disappointed when it came with onions.

I plugged my phone into the charger, then I earned 500+ Fitbit steps looking for it.

I put the clothes in the dryer promptly after they were done washing! (Hoo-rah!)… Then I walked off without starting the dryer….

I couldn’t remember if I’d mopped a certain spot on the floor, so I mopped it twice. Of course, I can’t be totally sure as there were no witnesses.

I used my cleaning gloves to rub detergent into a stain (points for stain-treating something!) and then I just took them off and put them away, covered in soap.

I melted a spatula on the stove. (It’s actually my first one. Although, I did nearly catch a pot holder on fire once…)

I looked and looked for my caliper (to measure my body fat). I found it in my makeup case. Random…

I turned on the hot water to fill a bowl, and while it was filling, I noticed the hot water handle on the sink was not parallel. So I fixed it. And the water turned off.

Trends: The constant pendulum swing from one set of priorities to another.

I was really into meal prep this week. Packing snacks and lunches into pre-made containers.

This week I tried (not for the first time, but with the same results) to just allow myself to be a night-owl and not worry about waking up early. But, just as the last time, I ended up staying up later and later and sleeping later and later. By Sunday I was waking up around 10:15, which is entirely unacceptable since my kids are up by 8. So I’m going to have to go back to trying to wake up early, even though I hate it and it goes completely against my natural clock. (I’m pretty sure if I could do things my way, I would sleep from 4a-11:30a…)

School was put on the backburner this week. We did one school day on Wednesday and then I became busy with our neighbor’s farm and trying to maintain all the work I’d done on the house, and PMS, so I didn’t get it done. This is one of the reasons why we school year-round.

Fitness is going well. I worked two days on my latest pole choreography and I went on two runs. I’m down 2 pounds and less than a pound away from my weight goal. More impressively, I dropped 3% body fat (based on whatever calculator I used both times) in the last month. Woot! I love my pole and my Fitbit!

Tweaks: Strategies I’m using to combat the obnoxious parts of my ADHD.

I moved our “cubbies” up by putting an old broken printer and an unused jewelry box underneath it. I did this because I noticed I wasn’t using the boxes. When they were on the floor, there was usually stuff piled in front of them and the need to bend down to put stuff away was an inconvenience. I kept stacking the binders and folders on the table to file later. Raising them up a couple feet actually made all the difference in the world. They’re easily accessible now and I have been putting stuff straight into it.

I’m still using chore sticks to get my house work done. Monday I woke up and felt like cleaning everything. This happens rarely, so when it occurs, I always put everything else aside and get to it. It’s been 5 weeks and I still haven’t finished all my weekly or monthly chores… But at least I know which ones haven’t been done! I figure I’ll get better as the weeks go on. And as long as my daily chores are done most days, we’re in decent shape.

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